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What are arrest records and arrest warrants?

Arrest records are crime history details kept by the Department of Public Safety. At the time of arrests, the law enforcement agency, which holds the accused, assimilates data about the offender including mug shots, fingerprints and details on identification. This information is sent to the DPS along with data on the criminal matter that the accused is being charged with.

As the case proceeds through the judicial network, the office of the county clerk adds to this file. Information on case disposition, sentencing and eventually incarceration is also included in the arrest records from NM. Details are kept for all offenses including felonies, misdemeanors and DWI. In fact, pursuant to the Uniform Crime Reporting Act of the state, details on all criminal occurrences are to be sent to the DPS unless the offense is punishable by a sentence that can be no longer than 6 months.

Upon collection, this data is stored in a central repository that is only accessible to justice, law enforcement and other government entities. In other words, it is not possible for civilians to connect with the DPS for third party warrant searches although you can look for personal crime history records through the facility provided by the agency.

New Mexico arrest warrants

These directives are issued by the court. The criminal procedure of the state, followed by the tribunals, states that arrest warrants can only be issued once probable cause is established to justify the assumption that a criminal occurrence did indeed transpire and that the alleged offender was involved in it. Although the evidence presented for this purpose can be hearsay in part of whole, it should come from a reliable source.

To ensure that the judiciary has all the information that it would need to reach a conclusion about probable cause against the accused, the police file an affidavit with the magistrate’s court. This document is used as the complaint based on which the pre-warrant hearing is held. The affiant may also be called in to depose under oath if the sworn affidavit is not enough for ascertaining reasonable cause.

The manner in which active warrants from NM can be served has also been described in the Criminal Code of the state. These decrees can only be executed by police officers or deputies of a law enforcement office. To execute an active warrant means placing the offender in question under arrest. The accused will then be held in custody till the court calls for him to hear his petition for bail and to explain the charges sought against him.

In order to facilitate the execution of arrest warrants, cops are given the authority to access any part of the state including properties not under the ownership of the government. Police officers will not only enter the home or office of the accused but also premises that are owned by third parties to effect arrests under warrants. Furthermore, these detentions can occur in other states as well and peace officers are allowed to chase the suspect outside the jurisdiction of the court that issued the order.

How do I search for New Mexico arrest records and warrants?

Although it is possible to seek crime history data from the NM Department of Public Safety, this is a highly restrictive approach that does not allow for third party inquiries. In other words, you will only be able to seek personal arrest records from the agency. In contrast, getting in touch with the state judiciary will get you access to the court dockets database maintained by the offices of the county clerks.

In fact, this information has been conveniently put up online. You can find information on cases heard by the District Court, the Magistrate’s Courts as well as municipal tribunals through this facility. Although no claims are made to the effect that such an inquiry can be a substitute to a crime history investigation conducted through the DPS, it is possible to find all the details you would need to create a criminal profile through the judiciary.

In fact, records from the municipal court also include details on DWI and domestic violence convictions. Case information is available from 1991 onwards and it is updated every 24 hours. It is also possible to contact the administrative department in person for this information. To conduct an online search for arrest records and NM outstanding warrants, you can go to

Agree to the terms and condition of the agency and you will be redirected to the search form. Insert the name of the defendant/litigant, the case number or the DWI in the form and click on search to get the results. To contact the office of the judiciary, go to the New Mexico Administrative Office of the Courts, State of New Mexico, 237 Don Gaspar, Santa Fe, NM 87501.

New Mexico crime statistics

Of the nearly 94,000 crimes that are reported in New Mexico, about 14% are violent acts. This can be worked out to approximately, 13,000 instances of assault, rape and homicide among others that transpire every year.

Despite the drop of almost 15% in reported crime, thefts still manage to clock in an astounding annual average of 50,000 incidents and burglary brings in about 20,000 complaints. On the side of violent criminal acts, the lead is taken by assaults with 10,000 complaints despite a decrease of about 12% in the rate of violent crimes.

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