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While there is no recourse for an online arrest warrant search in Sandoval County, NM at least through state agencies, applicants are not barred from using the services of third party information vendors when seeking details on arrest records and outstanding warrants. These privately owned and operated agencies will offer information through the internet medium.

Although the government has no hand in the working of these establishments, the information collected by these agencies does come from state sources, so, it can be relied on. Generally, you stand to find details on the issue of arrest warrants, the detentions that occurred under the provisions of such orders, directives for arrests that have yet to be served, sentencing carried out in a certain criminal matter and more through these searches.

The same information will be offered to applicants who consult with a state agency. The only difference is that you will be provided with a formal background report as compared to the informative only results given by third party websites. Also, where private agencies can offer details on arrest records and active warrants from all across the nation, state entities will restrict themselves to information on cases that occurred within the bounds of NM.

For your search, you will have to pay a small fee; third party sites will charge a lump sum amount for any number of searches that you want to conduct for a specific period of time. In contrast, the office of the sheriff, county clerk and the magistrate will require you to pay on a per search basis. To find crime history information online, fill the form above or you can visit:

  • The sheriff: Sandoval County 13th Judicial Court Complex, 528 & Idalia Road, Bernalillo, New Mexico 87004
  • The magistrate: 1100 Montoya Rd, Bernalillo, NM 87004
  • The clerk of court: 1500 Idalia Rd., Building D, Bernalillo, New Mexico 87004

The annual crime rate of Sandoval County, New Mexico stands a few cases over the 1900 mark. While this is not too serious the fact that violent crimes account for nearly 12% of this figure does raise concerns. Also, the fact that there has been a rise of well over 50% in criminal complaints has got residents worried.

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