Post date: 08/31/2015 – 11:57

The Attorney General of NM introduced the team which has been created to review the criminal justice system of the state in Albuquerque. Called the Multidisciplinary Violent Crime Review Team, the…

Post date: 02/26/2015 – 13:07

Residents paying for the skyrocketing crime rates of New Mexico!

New Mexico has once again earned the ignominy of being the most dangerous state in the country with crime…

Post date: 08/31/2014 – 08:27

The events occurring in Ferguson, Missouri have been a hot button topic in recent weeks. It has brought attention to societal issues, racial profiling and potential problems in law enforcement….

Post date: 05/05/2014 – 09:26

New Mexico has been ranked #1 in burglary! A website compiled data from the FBI and compared all of the states; New Mexico had some of the worst statistics. The state finished near the top on…