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The crime history information center of NM is manned by the Department of Public Safety which runs the state level database of arrest records. Although the DPS does not investigate criminal complaints nor is it in any way involved in seeking the release of active warrants and their serving, the agency ends up with information on all the crimes that have transpired in every part of the state.

This arrangement is brought about by a legal mandate which requires all criminal justice agencies including local sheriffs’ offices, the Department of Corrections, courts of magistrates and district level tribunals as well as offices of the county clerk to report all criminal interactions to the DSP. At this moment, the department only keeps details on offenders who are accused of felonies, misdemeanors and DWIs; in other words, any crime that is punishable by no less than 6 months of prison time.

The various local and state level law enforcement and judicial agencies contribute in their own ways towards the database. For instance, the police department offers arrest records and information on the active warrants that have been granted to them, along with crucial criminal identifier data such as mug shots and booking fingerprints. Particularly, the fingerprints captured at the time of arrests are added to an exclusive database devoted to the purpose.

Information from the Automated Fingerprint Identification System is subsequently used to respond to warrant searches initiated on the basis of fingerprints ad investigations from criminal justice agencies. The courts provide information on the issue of other legal directives and dispositions delivered in criminal matters.

The office of the county clerk provides details on arrest warrants issued in criminal cases as well as bench warrants. Similarly, the Department of Corrections provides data pertaining to the time served by the accused, pleas and granting of sentence commutation, parole and release dates. This information is collected for cases where the accused was pronounced guilty as well as matters in which the defendant pleaded no contest or not guilty and matters that are still under trial. The database also contains information on cases that were dismissed and those in which the defendant was acquitted.

What information can you access from the NM crime history information center?

At this time, the NM DPS allows fingerprint based warrant searches for personal crime history data. It is also possible to get a Certificate of Good Standing from the police. However, if you are seeking third party arrest records, you will need a notarized authorization form signed by the subject along with his/her fingerprints.

In response to the inquiry, you will be given information on all arrest records from New Mexico in the name of this individual along with details on the outstanding warrants against this person, data pertaining to the processing of the criminal charges brought against him, including court disposition and correctional information. The arrest records will cover all the cases in the name of the subject, regardless of the verdict or the outcome of the trial.

How to get information on criminal history in NM?

To access arrest records from the New Mexico DPS, you will need to contact the agency in person or through mail. Download the form at fill it and take it along with a check or money order for $15 to the agency at 4491 Cerrillos Rd., Santa Fe, NM 87507. A certificate of good standing will cost you an additional $18 while the notarization of the report will be charged at $5.