About Me

New MexicoWhile working as a private investigator over a period of 25 years, I have handled several hundred skip tracing assignments. In these cases, I was asked to look up the contact details of a subject who the client was linked with in some way. While many of these cases had a legal angle, quite a few of them were strictly personal.

Let me give you a few examples here to help you understand how and what I work on and how I can be of help to you.

  • For the police and bail bond suppliers, I have been asked to find the details of suspects on the run, including the people on the most wanted list of a specific county or state. My job was to find their whereabouts and inform either the police or the bail bond agency.
  • The work that I have done for lawyers typically involved either a family or probate matter. So, I was asked to find beneficiaries of estates as well as people who have stopped making their child support payments as ordered by the court.
  • When working with corporate clients like realtors and vehicle confiscation agencies, my job is to find the owners of specific assets like homes or cars.
  • For genealogy researchers I have found the family history of their clients and have also done the same for private clients. In fact, sometimes these cases called for in depth investigation of the medical issues that showed up in a genetic line.

A world apart from these cases are the pro bono assignments that I undertake for the Unclaimed Person’s Network. Although I work for the agency, in reality my clients are decedents whose next of kin cannot be traced. I find their friends and relatives, so that they can be informed of the death of the person they knew or are related to. My job is just to find the next of kin while the actual contact is initiated by the coroner’s office.

This brings me to the conclusion of this write-up! What I am trying to explain here is that I can handle any type of skip tracing case. So, if you want me to find somebody for you, call me now and we can start talking and I can start investigating.

 Download this report to learn more: How to find any public records