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The New Mexico state and local law enforcement agencies conducted a massive arrest warrant roundup in 2013. Under the special exercise, perpetrators of more serious criminal infractions who had NM outstanding warrants were actively sought out and taken into custody. Given the success of the program, such roundups may very well become the norm in the state. This not only highlights the importance of arrest warrants in criminal processing but also why an inquiry into the issue of active warrants is highly recommended.

Although there isn’t a lot of disparity in the criminal processes followed in the various parts of the country, many states do shift slightly from the prescribed procedures. So, it always helps to know about the specific steps that are taken to try offenders in a certain state. Here is a look at how adult offenders are processed before and after arrests in NM.

The crime history information center of NM is manned by the Department of Public Safety which runs the state level database of arrest records. Although the DPS does not investigate criminal complaints nor is it in any way involved in seeking the release of active warrants and their serving, the agency ends up with information on all the crimes that have transpired in every part of the state.

Divided across 5 levels, the judiciary of New Mexico has the Supreme Court at its helms while the municipal courts, which are tribunals of limited jurisdiction, are at the bottom of the legal pyramid. Together, these courts handle civil and criminals matters along with any appeals that arise in the process of trying these cases. Here is a look at the responsibilities of these judicial entities.

It does not take a lot to look for information on active warrants in New Mexico. Yet, the inquiry can bring back all the information you need concerning the criminal indiscretions of person you know. Active warrants from NM are issued by the local criminal courts when a complaint is filed with the bench.