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As in most other parts of NM, an arrest warrant search in Eddy County can be done through the magistrate’s office. The police and the county clerk’s office are other state departments that entertain requests for information on arrest records and outstanding warrants. There are many common threads in the procedure followed by these agencies to disseminate crime history data.

For one, all of these agencies will want to know not just about the subject of the inquiry but also the applicant. When seeking information on Eddy County’s active warrants and arrest records from these agencies, you will be expected to show up at their office with some form of government ID in hand. You can also mail in your search request form, but you will need to provide your name and contact details, even in this case.

Another commonality is that these state departments will only offer details on criminal matters that the tribunals heard within NM’s state. This means that if the subject were involved in a criminal transgression outside the state’s geographical boundary, you would not be able to find out about such cases from the local police or the judiciary.

In stark contrast, when you connect with a private entity that sells crime history information for a fee, you can find details on outstanding warrants and arrests from all over the country. To avail of this option, fill the form on top of this page. Although an online inquiry can undoubtedly be executed with far more ease than driving down to an agency office, there is a catch here.

You will not get a formal background report through an online agency. For this, you will have to go:

  • The police: Eddy County Courthouse, Suite 100, 102 N Canal, Carlsbad, New Mexico 88220
  • The county clerk: 325 S. Main Street, Carlsbad, New Mexico 88220
  • The court of the magistrate: 102 N Canal St, Carlsbad, NM 88220

How do you request information on Eddy County warrants and arrests over the phone? (As of 2021)    

  • Recent arrests-related data: 575-887-7556
  • Access to arrest records: 575-887-7551, ext. 7803.
  • General details from the County Sheriff: 575-887-7551
  • Arrest warrants search:575-885-3218/575-746-2481
  • Case search and judicial records search:575-885-4740
  • Queries pertaining to crime victim’s assistance: 575-885-4171

Crime statistics of Eddy County

In 2018, over 365 crimes were reported in Eddy County. Of these, nearly 290 were property crimes while 80 were violent crimes. That was an increase of 17% from the 313 complaints filed in 2017.

The reported property crimes included 140 larceny-theft cases and 79 burglary complaints, among others. The violent crime total included approximately 70 instances of aggravated assault and 10 cases of rape.

Eddy County, New Mexico, has an annual crime rate of nearly 1600 cases. Of these incidents, just about 9.5% are violent criminal acts, while the rest of the figure comprises property crimes. In the ten years from 1999 to 2008, there has been an increase of 40% in the statistics of violent criminal occurrences.

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