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Although a fingerprint-based arrest warrant search from Roosevelt County, NM, will bring back more conclusive results, not all applicants are authorized to conduct such inquiries. Civilians are actively encouraged to go for the more straightforward name-based searches, which are responded to faster and do not infringe on the suspects’ privacy.

Departments also have to adhere to the state’s Sunshine Laws on the matter. The right way would be to conduct name-based third-party inquiries into arrest warrants and leave the fingerprint searches for personal background checks, which will be used for employment and other official purposes.

To find details on Roosevelt County arrest records and outstanding warrants, you can go to any of the agencies discussed ahead. However, you will have to show up in person or send in your request via mail. The addresses of the three government departments that accept active warrant inquiries are:

  • Law enforcement agency: 109 Airport Road, Portales, New Mexico 88130
  • The county magistrate: 109 W 1st St, Portales, NM 88130
  • The clerk of court: Given above

A far more straightforward way to look for arrest warrants from Roosevelt County is to check out the most wanted listed posted on the police website at advantage here is that details are offered along with the photographs of offenders, so it is easy to identify them. The drawback is that you may not always find your subject on this list. If arrests have already been made, the detainees’ names will not be included on the web page.

How do you contact state agencies for an arrest report or details about warrants from Roosevelt County over the phone? (Updated-2021) 

  • The Roosevelt County Detention Center- 575.356.6871- For arrests-details, inmate search and inmate services.
  • The Sheriff’s Office- 575-356-4408- For details about active warrants and arrests.
  • Portales Police Department- 575-356-4404 – For police reports, arrest records and warrants search.
  • The Magistrate’s Court- 575-356-8569 – For information on outstanding warrants.
  • The District Attorney’s Office- 575-356-4434 -For crime victim’s help.
  • The Clerk of Court- 575-359-6920, option-1 followed by option- 2 or 7-For a case search.

Crime statistics of Roosevelt County

Of the nearly 400 criminal complaints filed in Roosevelt County in 2020, 230 were against property crimes. The offenses that led to the cases in this offense category included larceny-theft (134 cases), motor vehicle theft (27) and burglary (69). Violent crimes led to the filing of 164 complaints, of which 145 were against assault. 

New Mexico, Roosevelt County, lies in the middle of the state’s crime spectrum, with an annual crime average of about 430 incidents. From 2000 onwards, there has been a significant rise in violent crimes, which burgeoned by almost 60%. In contrast, reported criminal activity showed a growth of just 6%.

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