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The best place to do an arrest warrant search in Curry County, NM, would be the magistrate’s office. The judiciary has the powers to issue many types of legal orders; the foremost is active warrants. These directives are released in response to police petitions that bring information on criminal matters in front of the magistrate.

The sitting judge is responsible for ensuring that exact probable cause is established before a Curry County active warrant is issued. This is done by studying the evidence presented in the affirmation filed with the judge’s office or through witness testimony. The proof can be factual or hearsay.

The evidence must be adequate for any person of a reasonable mental disposition to conclude that the criminal infraction did involve the accused. It should be understood here that a pre-warrant hearing is not held to deliver a verdict in the matter. Generally, only the investigating officers, the prosecuting attorney, and a few witnesses may be present during such a session.

The session will involve the magistrate and a deputy from the county clerk’s office from the judicial side. Since the local law enforcement and both branches of the judiciary play a role in the procedure, you can go to any of these entities for information on arrest records and outstanding warrants from Curry County. Regardless of the office you approach, details on arrests and warrants will be given to you within a day, and you will be charged a small fee for the inquiry.

Offices to approach for an arrest warrant search in Curry County

  • The police: 700 North Main Street, Suite #4, Clovis, New Mexico 88101
  • The county clerk: PO Box 1168, Clovis, New Mexico 88102
  • The court of the magistrate: 700 N Main St, Clovis, NM 88101

Of the 2400 crime complaints filed in Curry County, New Mexico, only about 260 are against violent criminal acts. The majority of this annual total comprises of thefts with nearly 1300 complaints.

Curry County Jail Log

Adult Detention Center in Curry County

Currently, both the Curry County Adult Detention Center And the Curry County Juvenile Detention Center are NOT allowing any facility traffic.

The adult detention center has a staff of 65 full-time Positions, including security and administrative personnel. There are contract employees from the health, mental health, kitchen, and commissary departments and county workers.


In 1993, the structure Built was created with 208 beds, And the annex was formed along with 50 beds. Inmates are held in 9 safeguard accommodation units. Most inmates split a jail cell together with three other inmates.


The typical everyday female inmate populace in 2015 was 44. The median daily male inmate population in the calendar year 2015 was 181. The majority of the offenders are pre-trial detainees. Inmates are also sometimes housed in Roosevelt, Bailey, and Parmer’s neighboring counties to decrease over-crowding or assist inappropriate classification.

Juvenile Detention Center

The juvenile detention center has a team of 15 full-time protection positions. The health and mental wellbeing needs are provided by contracted personnel.


The 17-bed facility was constructed in 1985. Detention officers Are posted within the home unit dayrooms, directly supervising and observing the juveniles and their everyday activities. Juveniles are housed in three unique units. Two units home six juveniles each, and the third houses four. Two of the home units consist of a dayroom and six single-person cells. The rest of the unit consists of 4 single-person cells.


In the year 2015, the facility averaged three females and eight men for ten juveniles. The majority of the juveniles are out of Curry County, but the facility does home juveniles from different counties and governmental agencies.

The Mission Statement

The Curry County Adult Detention Center assignment ensures the general public’s protection by offering a safe, secure, and effective setting for all prisoners legally placed in our custody by the courts. It provides outstanding customer service to the public and all participating agencies.

Can you get information on recent arrests and active warrants from Curry County over the phone? (2021-data)        

  • To find out about recent arrests, dial the phone number of the Curry County Jail Main Office-575-762-3819.
  • To procure an arrest report or accident/incident records, contact the Sheriff’s Office at 575-769-2335.
  • To access judicial records, get in touch with the District Court Clerk at 575-742-7500
  • To learn about outstanding warrants, call the Magistrate’s Court at 575-762-3766
  • To contact Victim/Witness Services, call the County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office at 505-308-8668/575-359-1289.

Crime statistics of Curry County

In 2017, the Curry County Sheriff’s Department dealt with 120 criminal complaints, which included 109 non-violent crimes and 11 violent crimes.

The non-violent crimes category included 36 larceny thefts, 60 burglaries, and 13 motor vehicle thefts. Of the violent offenses reported, 8 were aggravated assaults, 2 were rapes and 1 was a robbery.

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