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The best place to do an arrest warrant search in Curry County, NM would be the office of the magistrate. The judiciary has the powers to issue many types of legal orders; the foremost among them are active warrants. These directives are released in response to police petitions that bring information on criminal matters in front of the magistrate.

The sitting judge has the responsibility of ensuring that clear probable cause is established before a Curry County active warrant is issued. This is done by studying the evidence presented in the affirmation filed with the office of the judge or through witness testimony. The proof can be factual or hearsay.

What is important is that the evidence should be adequate for any person of a reasonable mental disposition to conclude that the criminal infraction did involve the accused. It should be understood here that a pre-warrant hearing is not held to deliver a verdict in the matter. Generally, only the investigating officers, the prosecuting attorney and a few witnesses may be present during such a session.

From the judicial side, the session will involve the magistrate and a deputy from the office of the county clerk. Since the local law enforcement and both branches of the judiciary play a role in the procedure, you can go to any of these entities for information on arrest records and outstanding warrants from Curry County. Regardless of the office you approach, details on arrests and warrants will be given to you within a day and you will be charged a small fee for the inquiry.

Offices to approach for an arrest warrant search in Curry County

  • The police: 700 North Main Street, Suite #4, Clovis, New Mexico 88101
  • The county clerk: PO Box 1168, Clovis, New Mexico 88102
  • The court of the magistrate: 700 N Main St, Clovis, NM 88101

Of the 2400 crime complaints filed in Curry County, New Mexico, only about 260 are against violent criminal acts. The majority of this annual total comprises of thefts with nearly 1300 complaints.

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