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If you are looking for an arrest warrant search in Sierra County, NM, there are scores of locations that you can go to. The local sheriff’s office to the justice center in your area and even the magistrate’s office will oblige you with information on criminal history. Such inquiries are handled in person or through the mail. To approach state agencies, you can go to:

  • Law enforcement: 1502 North Date Street, Truth or Consequences, New Mexico 87901
  • Judiciary: 155 Barton St, Truth or Consequences, NM 87901
  • County clerk: 100 N. Date Street – Suite 6, Truth or Consequences, New Mexico 87901

The process for finding Sierra County arrest records and outstanding warrants involves filling a form that offers the concerned department the search criteria to be used. All three agencies provide name-based inquiries. So, you stand to get information on every criminal in their database who matches the name of your subject.

You will need to go for more conclusive results for fingerprint inquiries; however, this facility is not available to all. Another way to look for information on Sierra County active warrants is to enlist third-party information vendors. These agencies work privately, but they build their databases through the information collected from state sources.

To connect with one such agency, you can fill the form on this web page. A small fee will be charged for using the site’s services, but you can scour through information on arrests and warrants from all 50 states.

How do you contact state agencies over the phone for an arrest report or information about warrants from Sierra County? (Updated-2021)      

  • To know about arrests, contact the Sierra County Jail 575-894-0783.
  • To get an incident report/arrest report, contact the Sierra County Sheriff’s Office at 575-894-9150.
  • To get a County warrant search done, call the Magistrate’s Court at 575-894-3051.
  • To get help and information for victims, contact the Sierra County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office at 575-894-9033.
  • To get access to criminal court records, contact the Clerk of Court at 575-894-7167.

Crime statistics of Sierra County

Sierra County’s yearly crime average increased by 31% in 2019, to go past the 110-incident mark. The rate of violent crime stood at 43 instances. Cases were filed against 7 occurrences of rape and 35 instance of serious assault. Larceny-theft accounted for more than 40 property crime complaints, while burglary accounted for 26 of them.

Of the 340 criminal incidents in Sierra County, New Mexico, about 15% are violent each year. Half of all criminal incidents transpire when the victim is not too far from his home or workplace. In recent years, there has been a growth of almost 15% in the rate of reported criminal activity, but the decline in violent crime figures has been much more pronounced at nearly 40%.

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